January 25 2019 

START TIME: 12:00 AM Central Time
ESTIMATED END TIME: 6:00 AM Central Time

One of our upstream carriers will be performing network maintenance and upgrades.


The carrier will be applying and activating software module upgrades on code running on their edge routers per their manufacturer’s recommendations.


Due to the redundant nature of our network, no downtime is expected. However, users may notice reconvergence and the rerouting of traffic periodically through this maintenance window.

***Note*** It is at the Client’s discretion to take any necessary steps for their devices during this window.


March 21 2018

There will be emergency network maintenance that will occur on, March 22nd, 2018. It will begin at approximately 12 PM EST. This maintenance window will be from 12 PM EST until 12 AM EST March 23rd. We do not expect this to be service impacting at this time. However, there may be a brief outage affecting a portion of our network during the process. The nature of the maintenance is to repair a fiber path that was damaged Monday causing a portion of our network to experience the outage. This repair is necessary to replace the damaged portion of cable.


August 14 2017

There was a fiber cut and it is affecting certain IP ranges. We’ll have it fixed ASAP.



In order to provide continued high value service to our customers, we require updating the switches for several servers. During that time your server may be temporarily unreachable for a very short time.

The proactive network maintenance will occur on:

February 14, 2017, between the hours 9:00 AM and 13:00 PM CET/ 2:00 AM and 1 PM CT.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!




Please note, all new support tickets should be going to our new support site: http://hostinganddesigns.NET/Support/

The old support desk software will eventually be taken offline, around May 1st.



Please note, any clients using these IP’s – will need to have them changed as described in the network and IP replacement email sent out. They will no longer be working by end of 2016.