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Load Balancing
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Hosting And Designs L.L.C. Load Balancing solution, bScaled, gives customers the power to increase their application’s performance by scaling across multiple application servers with minimal effort. Internet Traffic destined for your application is routed to a public IP, hosted on our load balancing platform and then distributed to multiple applications servers. bScaled utilizes dedicated Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500 Series switches with Content Switch Modules to provide a fast, latency free, highly scalable, and fully redundant solution.  

Standard Features
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – With bScaled all the hard work is done for you. Fill out a service questioner, and Hosting And Designs L.L.C. does the rest. No infrastructure to manage. It’s done for you.
• High Availability ‐ Redundant architecture allows for maximum uptime by supporting active failover and connection synchronization.
• Extreme Versatility ‐ Support for Layer 4 thru 7 application balancing. Balance HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, or SMTP connections, your choice.
• Multi‐layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection – Load balancers by their nature can protect servers from certain types of TCP‐based DDoS attacks. This combined with the additional capabilities of our bGuarded DDoS Service, means your application is guarded by multiple layers of protection for TCP, UDP, and ICMP floods.
• Support for advanced HTTP services – bScaled supports HTTP compression and TCP Offloading. • Server Persistence – bScaled supports multiple connection persistence, methods such as Dynamic Cookie Learning, Cookie Insert, HTTP header, Source IP or SSL ID Stickiness.

• Automatic Maintenance Detection – Through the use of service probes, bScaled’s Automatic Maintenance Detection (ADM) can be configured to detect when servers are unable to perform their function. If a server is unable to perform, bScaled removes the server from its virtual server farm until it’s available again. This prevents connections from being sent to a server that is offline or underperforming. ADM can be extended via the Site Maintenance Notification (SMN) feature to redirect user traffic to a site status page during site wide maintenance. See Site Maintenance Notification for more information.
• Site Maintenance Notification – Applications should never be completely down, but it can happen. For example, your backend database is corrupt and you need to recover from a backup that may take 20 to 30 minutes. When combined with AMD, bScaled’s Site Maintenance Notification (SMN) can redirect users to a customizable web page page alerting them that your site’s status.
• Remote Server Support – Need to LB applications located outside of our network? bScaled can be configured to support servers hosted in other networks in addition to those hosted on Hosting And Designs'.

Optional Features (additional fee, please contact sales) –
• SSL Offloading/Acceleration (Aka Advanced‐SSL) – bScaled can support SSL Offloading. bScaled handles the SSL encryption from the user’s browser, freeing your servers to handle more unencrypted traffic. This also you to reduce the infrastructure cost of managing multiple SSL certificates.

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