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IP Justification
Last Updated 3 years ago

We charge $1 per IP in blocks of 8. The first two IPs (network & gateway) and the last IP (broadcast) in your assignment are unusable for you.

To justify the allocation of IP addresses you are requesting, you need to state both the domain name and service and have 80% usage of the block.

If this is your first additional IP request and you fall short of the 80% requirement, you may list the domains and services of your original 5 addresses to supplement your count and reach the required number of entries. But they must be bound to those addresses.

The normal short list of services that must have their own IP addresses are SSL, DNS, Windows FTP, game servers etc. Justification for 5 additional IPs for example, would be the following: DNS1 DNS2 SSL DNS1 DNS2 Game Server

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