Adding the "wow" factor to a website



These are random videos from a collection of several thousand. They can be added to home pages (top, center or bottom) to ad several different types of moods to a site, differentiate yourself from your competitors or even show where your product can be used. The scenarios are almost endless. Two formats needs to be used; MP4 and webm to ensure maximum compatibility.


However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.  


  1.  Page load times can be impacted depending on the video quality. The look of lower quality videos can be minimized by placing website text on top of videos, darker scenes, less busy videos (improves compression/quality ratio) , blurred background, bokeh heavy scenes or simply creating larger video sizes. All videos stream, they do not simply download. The videos on this page are around 1 MB which is equal to 4-5 high quality images and lowest quality we use. It is usually recommended that with video, only a few smaller pictures are used on the rest of the page.
  2.  Video can actually be a disctraction from the main theme of the site. This is rarely the case if the right video is used. We never use sound or music. 
  3.  Videos are disabled on smartphones so if you want video for the smartphone version of your site it will not be possible. We do this because:
    1. It helps speed up load times.
    2. Avoids busy distractions on small screens.
    3. Some smartphones won’t even auto-play video anyway. (We use photos instead.)
  4.  Once we use a video for your site (that you can view ahead of time free of charge) any new video incurs additional cost. 


The reasons for using video is self explanatory.


We could list several reasons to use video but think the reasons are pretty much self explanatory. Videos ad the “wow” factor, a much higher professional look, increased interest in your site and all at a very affordable price for just $99 per video. (Many video production services start at thousands.)



NOTE Videos on this page are the lowest quality we use (higher quality is per client request).

Home page video header snippets

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